About Me

Hello! My name is Kirsten and I LOVE babies! I have been photographing for the past 15 years. I started out as a portrait photographer, photographing families, weddings, events, and of course babies! I do enjoy photographing all age groups, however, there is just something so special and intimate about photographing a brand new little person that has just entered this world. That beautiful bond that is forming between a baby and their parents and all of that immeasurable love is a moment I love being a part of and I hope that I can capture just a glimmer of it on camera.

About My Studio

I photograph out of my home in Lake St. Croix Beach MN. I have found that with newborns having a relaxed setting where no body feels rushed and we can take the time we want/need we tend to get the best results. Plus, I love the fact that I have vaulted ceiling's and great lighting to get the natural light that I need to create beautiful portraits and a warm fireplace to keep us toasty on those cold MN days! I also only book one session per day so if you are running a bit late, it is OKAY! Life is stressful, especially as a new parent, and this should be a fun experience.